Friday, January 27, 2012

So... How's the 1/2 Training Going?

My attempt at not following a 1/2 marathon training program was NOT going so great. My long runs were off and I was so unmotivated to strength and cross train. I was already up to 8 miles and after receiving tips from a couple seasoned runners, I thought I would be fine. It was suggested to me that I run as I normally do during the week (3 to 4 miles, 3 times a week), run long on the weekends, strength, and cross train. The long runs were supposed to be, 8mi, 8mi, 9mi, 9mi, 10mi, 10mi, and so on (not to exceed 11, 13.1 on race day) each week. I am no longer able to do my long runs with my running group due to a schedule conflict. This worked for maybe 2 weeks, but honestly, running long AND solo was so discouraging. My worst long run to date was last week. A very sad attempt at 9 miles turned into a 6 mile run/walk. It was horrible. I guess it just happens, but I have yet to understand how I can run 8 miles strong one day and can barely get through 4 miles another.

In the spirit of not wanting to waste my money =), I decided I NEED to go ahead and follow Hal's half program instead. My strongest, furthest distance so far has been 8 miles in December, so I chose the Intermediate program level. I started off with week 6 and it's really keeping me on track as far as strength and cross training. I was slacking in those two areas for too long and could feel the affects. I think that's why I would experience shoulder discomfort while running. 

My goal for my first 1/2 is to finish, yeah, but deep down I would like to finish with a good time. I'm thinking of a goal of under 2 hrs and 15 minutes. That's around a 10 min/mile pace with a little extra slack. The Rock 'n' Roll New Orleans 1/2 route is mostly flat. Most of my routes here have hills, so I think it can be done. I know I need to tighten up on other areas besides running...ahem, like my diet.

On the schedule for yesterday was 3 mi + strength training, but since it rained, I decided to do it today instead of the rest/easy run on schedule. After my 3 mile run, I came home and did the 30-minute Body Sculptor Nike Training Club Workout (free app on iTunes). Hopefully I can get a long run in Sunday morning while I'm at Callaway Gardens for the weekend. I only have to do 6.2 miles this week. But, we shall see...