Wednesday, October 24, 2012

I'm a Pro now!

...At least I think I'm a pro anyways. For some reason, I haven't grown 100% comfortable lifting weights on what I call the "big boy" side of the gym. I'm afraid of looking like I don't know what I'm doing. I don't, but still.

The other night my hubs finally agreed to join me at the gym after his former pro body builder friend invited him for a chest, arms, and abs workout.

At first I was nervous, but that feeling went away eventually. I don't work on strength training enough, but last nights TWO and a half hour training session kinda made up for it. Not really.

We worked all parts of the arm except the forearm I think....well, that's the part that doesn't hurt at the moment. Got in quick abs and a lil chest. Now I feel a little more comfortable lifting outside of a classroom session, but I still don't know about by myself yet. He gave us both good pointers on form. According to my training plan, I only have to do 2 strength training sessions a week. I'm going to stick with that for now. One day I'll be beast enough to go alone.

Saturday, October 20, 2012

Three Workouts in One Day!

I don't know what got in to me, but I say it all of the time. When I don't feel like doing something, somewhere within I get this burst of energy out of no where once I finally start. That's why I hate skipping workouts. I know I can possibly muster up the energy, I just need to try. And, you never regret "gettin' it in".

So, today I ran the C.H.U.K (Cops Helping Unique Kids) 5k for cerebral palsy. I went not caring about my time. Sometimes when I do that I PR, but others I don't. Today was an "other". Anyway, I finished the 5k and was supposed to go somewhere else and run 5 more miles to complete my 8 scheduled for Long Run Saturday. I didn't feel like it. I said well, to make it up, I'll just go to the gym and do something. Fortunately, the classes remaining for the morning were two of my favorite: Cycle and Body Works Plus Abs.

Now, this will be my second time taking a cycle class at L.A. Fitness. The first instructor was cool. The music was .... not. The instructor from today was on some serious cycle stuff. I don't know. It's probably me. I forget I'm still new to the gym scene and haven't experienced all types of trainers attitudes. But she was so serious she made me want to burst out laughing. And the music... it got better. I still prefer KTX and spinning to "hood" music, lol. But, those classes aren't convenient for me. Anyhoo...

I made it through the class, of course. But knowing that I had just ran a 5k and sort of gave my legs their all...I didn't follow the exact resistance she instructed us to because I wanted to actually be able to finish the entire class. And I did. It was cool, but umm...don't think I'll take her again *Kanye shrug*

I went ahead and stayed for the Body Works Plus Abs class and finally got to listen to some music I can work with! The instructor is kinda ratchet..and hey, that makes it fun for me, lol. (Speaking of ratchet, let me head over to DatPiff or something cause my current playlist is TIRED!) But that class...she really had my arms burning! I'm glad I stayed. My upper body gets neglected too often so these classes really help me stay on track. I just can't lift weights consistently and get a good workout least not by myself with no one watching. So yeah, that's the reason I like the make sure I'm not JUST running. Too often do I have to swing and stretch my shoulders during a regular run or even during a race because my shoulders and upper body get tired or feel plain 'ol uncomfortable. It's because I need so strengthen that area, seriously. I noticed when I was consistent with upper body workouts...doing my planks and all. I felt no discomfort. So there ya go, that's the culprit.

So, I technically completed 3 workouts today and that makes me feel really good. =) I'm really, really back on track now :)