Wednesday, June 14, 2017


I woke up with Psalm 23:1 on my heart. "The Lord is my shepherd, I shall lack nothing". I have everything to complain about this week, but I will not. Besides, what good will it do? I have everything I need and a lot of what I want..."I [shall] lack nothing."

As an attempt to keep the spirit of optimism going throughout the day, I decided do one of my favorite things I like to do to clear my head (besides cleaning & writing) and that was work out. Since the school year has ended and my son is home as well, my workouts have not occurred the same time of day no matter how hard I try. That can sometimes mean no workout at all. I decided after I fed him, I'd immediately workout afterwards (usually I start our home school lessons first), so I wouldn't have an excuse for becoming busy and then eventually skip it.

In the picture is a whole wheat waffle (fit & active brand from Aldi's), an egg with spinach, and two pieces of turkey bacon. I was going to skip the waffle because I'm supposed to be detoxing this week, but I was like "what the hey!". I'm counting macros/calories for a few weeks anyway, so as long as I don't go over my goal, I think I'll be good.

Now, for this workout. This was my first workout after a 5 day hiatus (I blame my cycle). I'm  training for a 10k, but just like clock work, I've grown bored with training for a distance over a 5k solo. It sucks. All of my long distance races I ran before I had my son, I was able to train with my running group or a partner. I swear that's the only way I was able to be so consistent with longer distances. Bottom line, I've grown bored with training again because it's started to seem more like a chore than be fun, relaxing, and accomplishing like running used to be for me. On top of that, I don't get outside very much and I haven't been motivated to run with my 40lb son in the jogger.

In efforts to just be active and be in SOME sort of shape for this race, I'm just going to do what I can. As I type that, I think about the two back to back family trips coming up. I've been switching between one of my Jillian Michael's DVD's and following a Nike+ Training Club workout. Today I did NTC Pace Breaker.

Today's workout was strength-based using body weight only (no gym equipment). It was challenging and I definitely feel the burn already. I burned almost 200 calories in 35 minutes.

I had to dust off my trusty rusty Nike+ GPS watch. I don't use it to run anymore. I track my runs with my Garmin. I use it to track calories burned when I sync it to my chest strap. The only reason I am still using this is because I haven't figured out which watch I really want to purchase. I want to track calories during workouts and my run, but that's for another post. Which do you use?

As mentioned above, I am supposedly detoxing. My lunch was this apple banana smoothie. I got the original recipe from Pinterest. This one consisted of 1 small apple, half of a banana, 1 serving of vanilla protein powder, a handful of spinach, 1 cup of water, and a few ice cubes. 

The rest of the day was's life. My dinner was on point and my snacks..... uh, yeah...I'm good on calorie count, but macros didn't go so well today. Tomorrow is another day. :-)

Thanks for reading! Comment below with your blog link. I'm trying to get back into reading fitness and health blogs instead of just the usual reading of Instagram posts.


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