Tuesday, February 21, 2012

#RnRNOLA Half Mary Training Update...12 more days!

Last week I ran a distance PR of 10 miles on a treadmill. Why a treadmill? Because I was very unmotivated to go run outdoors alone in the cold weather, safety reasons, and I didn't feel like driving downtown where there are safe routes a plenty.
Yesterday (yes, Monday...another long run Sunday make-up day), I ran 10 miles for the first time outdoors, this time with company. Although I made sure to include inclines in my treadmill run and attempt to maintain the same pace as I would outside, I still don't think it was enough to prepare me for yesterday. Or maybe yesterday had nothing to do with that at all. IDK. The hills did not really get to me, and I made sure to hydrate properly beforehand, but I was still fatigued after mile-7.5. I'm also still experimenting with what to eat before my long runs.
Sunday's dinner: Jiffy (no, not clean eating), broccoli (seasoned with sea salt and  a little margarine), sweet potato (seasoned with a little margarine, Kosher salt, and pepper), drumsticks (pressure cooked w/chicken broth, seasoning salt, and ??)

This particular morning, I decided to go with a piece of toast, since Sunday's dinner was carb loaded. I just remembered I started to get tired on the treadmill around mile 8, but that's when I popped some sugar to get me through. Hmmm. I didn't bring anything with me on this run. I wanted to stop SO bad. My running buddy was THE ONLY reason I kept it moving. When I did get back to my car I scarfed down a protein shake, Gatorade, and water and felt good until I could get to some real food. My body was banging afterwards and not in a good way and I didn't have time to do an ice bath afterwards. I'm feeling good today, but I know next time to wear my geeky-looking fuel belt thingy with my jelly beans, instead of leaving it behind in the car.

We started out running part of the Publix 1/2 route, but ended up creating our own crazy route. Also, my time and pace are definitely off by maybe 5-10 min. I forgot to hit play after pausing at a traffic light. So that's why you can't see mile 9 or 10.  :-(

I didn't realize I was supposed to run 11 this week until I got home and looked at my training plan. I'm going to count the 1-mile walk back and forth to my car though and not worry about it. My goals for the next less than two weeks besides more running and strength training according to my training plan is to be as close to perfect as I can with clean eating and ignore the fact that I have 6 boxes of Girl Scout Cookies in the freezer, ha! But no, seriously.

No pills, potions, or elixirs.

My answer to the questions, "what did you do?" or "how did you do it?".

I found this quote on Pinterest and it reminded me of some of the reactions I've gotten to my weight loss and just being way more active now than I've ever been since childhood. Sometimes I get asked the two questions above, which are good questions, but more often than I'd like, I get the strange looks and awkward silence. The craziest of them all (IMO) have been, "were you sick?" and "did you lose weight on purpose?" WHAT! Anyway, I'm glad I lost the weight slowly. It took me about a year and a half, but I guess it's still a shock for people who hadn't seen me in a while. Oh well.

Saturday, February 11, 2012

Race Recap: ATC Hearts & Soles 5K, My thoughts

According to my half mary training plan, I was supposed to do 5 miles today. I forgot I signed up for this race, so I did 2+ extra yesterday with Back on My Feet Atlanta and then the 3.1 mile race today. Here's some of my crazy thoughts before, during, and after this race that I almost skipped...for real.

"I do not feel like getting up for this race in the morning."
"I might skip it since I didn't pay for it."
"I should text ____ and tell her I don't feel like going."
"Man, I ain't signing up for anymore winter races. Bump that!"
"Alright, let me get up. When I get home, I'm going STRAIGHT back to bed!"

"I hate the start of a race...all bunched up and stuff....move."
"I hope no one trips and falls."
"I hope I don't trip and fall."
"Lord, please be with me."
"Wtf(feezy), they said this was supposed to be all flat!"
"C'mon tiff"
"Stop latching on to other runners, and speed it up...get out of your comfort zone."
"my playlist is sucking right now"
Not so great mixtape comes on, "oh, SKIP...canNOT listen to that!"
"Ugh, how much further."
"Almost over, yes."
"Oh well, I can't keep up with her"
"I invited _____ who ONLY lives 5 minutes away and that bum didn't even show up. Lazy self." lol

"28:12 clock time, maaaan...I could of done under 28, but oh well."
"Thank God!"
"Yay, I might of PR'ed!"

...and I did with an official time of 28:02. Not a huge improvement from my last 5k race in October (in my opinion). I really don't like out-and-back routes, but the race was free for ATC members and in a neighborhood I grew up in. I didn't want to pass up the opportunity to represent. I would of never imagined years ago that I would be running that street one day...ever.

My Splits! I'm really shocked at the first 2 miles, really!

10 miles on schedule tomorrow!