Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Clean Alfredo Sauce

I found this recipe over at Gracious Pantry's blog (<--original recipe and directions).  Chicken and/or shrimp Alfredo were weekly meals in this place.  Once I started my weight loss journey, of course there were some foods I had to cut back on because even 1 serving size was too much.  Needless to say, I was happy to find this recipe to once again be able to enjoy chicken alfredo minus the feeling of "fat-ness" afterwards.

These are some of the ingredients used, minus the garlic powder.

Chopped chicken chicken breasts to add to the pasta

"Bootleg" double boiler

Gracious Pantry's recipe update suggested using a double boiler when cooking the sauce.  This is my "bootleg" version.  All that matters is that it worked! 

Con: scratched my pot, but it's time for new ones anyway :)

As soon as the mixture warmed enough, I used the hand mixer to do most of the work just as the original recipe suggested.

The consistency


This sauce recipe makes about 8 servings - 111 per serving.

The total meal came out to 349 calories per serving (a serving size is a cup).  It could have been less calories if I used whole wheat pasta (which I normally do).  Oddly, the store I shopped at did not have any wheat fettuccine and I didn't want to drive from store to store looking for 1 item.

My verdict on the sauce was that it tasted like the store brand, but my husband did not think so.  Chicken Alfredo is near the top of his favorite meals list.  I think if I didn't tell him this was a recipe, he would've eaten it and loved it.  I probably won't be trying this recipe again for a while.


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